F Class/Fullbore Training

WindReader - A simulator based training tool that teaches you to shoot in the wind

How well do you shoot in the wind?

We know how it is - You arrive at the range and the wind is up. Your heart sinks and you just know that your score is going to sink with it. There doesn't seem to be anything that you can do to score well when the wind blows.

It doesn't seem to matter what you do or how much work you put in you just can't seem to find those 'X's when the wind blows.

Well say hellow to WindReader. WindReader is a simulation based trainer for full bore shooters providing an effective way to develop your skills in windy conditions. It provides you with a powerfile tool that helps you discover and practice the secrets of building scores when the wind blows.

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  • Easy to use software solution that helps you improve your scores in windy conditions
  • Simulates bullet ballistics on the screen. Fall of shot faithfully reproduces the real thing
  • Comes fitted with a range of popular bullets and you can add as many as you like
  • Comes with a variety of wind profiles that are applied right down the range
  • WindReader is the only system that can vary wind effects anywhere down the range and show you the result on the target
  • Wind variances can provide a constantly changing wind environment to challenge your decision making on taking each shot
  • Many settings allow you to switch features on and off so you can start easy and work up to the harder situations
  • Train at home or anywhere you have access to a PC
  • Shoot hundreds of training rounds at zero dollars per shot
  • Scoring system lets you monitor your progress

New Version

updown reticle

1/8th MOA vertical Scope reticle - works just like the one on your rifle

Left right reticle

1/8th MOA horizontal Scope reticle - works just like the one on your rifle